Automated Balancers

Today's competitive manufacturing environment demands lean and efficient solutions. BalanStar Corporation can bring measurable value to your bottom line by providing you automated balancing systems for fast and efficient balancing operations. Whether your balancing operation is drilling, milling, grinding or weight addition, adding our automated balancing system and software can greatly increase your accuracy and throughput.

BalanStar Corporation uses the latest Windows based computer platform running National Instruments LabView software. With touch-screen panels, easy to navigate menus, and off-the-shelf servo controls, our automated systems are both powerful and easy to use. This combination allows us to create customized automated solutions based on your requirements. With our in-house engineers, we partner with you to create a manufacturing solution that will yield value and efficiency.

Automatic flywheel balancer. This vertical axis balancing machine incorporates 3 servo drills (1 external, 2 internal) to automatically balance flywheels

Automatic drilling on 2 plane horizontal balancing machine

Automatic vertical axis servo balancing machine

Automatic vertical axis balancing machine with horizontally mounted servo drill

We will also use PLC and robotic controls for pick-and-place part handling for ultra-efficient fully automatic balancing. Call us today with your automation challenge!

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