Balancing Machines

All BalanStar dynamic balancing machines are made in America and ship worldwide. Every balancing machine is engineered with the operator in mind so it is easy to set up, simple to operate, and intuitive by design.

We offer automated dynamic balancers, vertical balancing machines, and horizontal balancing machines for every setup, and utilize the latest technology for making balance corrections. Our BalanStar SBX software package is as easy to operate as an ATM and all menu options are in clear, easy-to-understand text.

Our latest Windows-based HBX software package is more powerful while keeping our promise to make interfaces that are simple for the operator. All menus and options are in clear text or use icons that are intuitive to the user. A few standard functions that are included with our HBX package include:
  • Runout Compensation
  • Keyway Compensation
  • Remote Angle Sensor (Encoder Readout)
  • Customized Calibration Setups
  • Electronic Zeroing
  • Data Download, Storage, and Networking
We also provide dynamic balancing services for those companies that only need periodic balancing. Simply send in your parts and we’ll balance them for you. From the simplest balancing requirements to the most exacting setups, BalanStar offers the most complete balance machine solutions for you.

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