Gisholt 1SV1 50 lb. vertical balancer Dynamic Balancing Machine Gisholt 1SV1 Vertical Balancer
Gisholt 1SV1 50 lb. vertical balancer

Gisholt 1SV1 Vertical Balancer

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Gisholt 1SV1 soft bearing, vertical balancing machine with 50 pound capacity. This balancer was specifically produced for aero turbines and comes with the safety shroud. The balancer controls are updated with new  BalanStar HBX computer controls for easy and accurate setups and balance runs. 
  • Larger and brighter flat panel display
  • Rubber membrane industrial keyboard
  • Digital angle protractor for real time part positioning
  • Windows 10 based operating system
  • Dual microprocessor control
  • Quick and accurate run times
  • Easy to read color display
  • No computer knowledge necessary
  • Printing and saving of balancing data
  • One year warranty
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Unlimited part setup database
Weight Capacity: 50 Lb. (22 Kg)
Maximum Diameter: 24"
Sensitivity: 0.001
Speed: 1000 RPM
Electrical Required: 240-480 V X Ph.
Drive Motor: 2 HP
Machine Dimensions: 30" x 48"
Shipping Weight: 1900 lb. 
Computer Hardware: Intel dual core

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